Most importantly, don’t panic! Don’t try to fix the problem yourself, remember that this is often how people get bitten. Stick to the guidelines and we’ll make every effort to remove the the snake safely and quickly.

Snake removal should be left to qualified and experienced snake handlers only.

If confronted with a snake remember these important points for safe snake removal:

  • Make sure someone knows where the snake is at all times and is watching it from a safe distance of at least 5 metres
  • Keep pets and people away from the area (preferably indoors)
  • NEVER attempt to kill a snake or allow anyone else to do so.
  • Many (up to 95%) bite cases result from a person interfering in some way with the snake
  • In most cases it is against the law to kill a snake
  • If the snake is indoors close any windows and doors leading to the room
  • Place a towel along the base of the door to prevent the snake escaping if possible

Once the area is sealed off and/or the snake is being carefully observed, call one of us immediately